Promoting the Independent Living Philosophy.

The Arkansas State Independent Living Council

The Arkansas State Independent Living Council (ARSILC) is a non-profit organization promoting independent living for people with disabilities. The ARSILC has a Board of Directors comprised of Governor appointed Arkansans, the majority with disabilities.
ARSILC at the capitol

Our Vision. Our Mission.

The vision of the Arkansas State Independent Living Council is to reside in a state where all its citizens have equal rights and opportunities. The Arkansas State Independent Living Council is an education, advocacy, and referral agency that works to provide information to the public throughout the state about the Independent Living Philosophy, civil rights, technology and services.

Achieve Independent Living


The Council envisions an Arkansas where all its citizens have equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, the mission of the ARSILC is to promote independence including freedom of choice and full inclusion into the mainstream of society for all Arkansans with all types of disabilities.

The ARSILC collaborates with the Centers for Independent Living (CILs) which provide the five core services including:

  1. Information and Referral – Utilizing local and national resources to increase your independence by finding creative solutions to your problems.
  2. Peer Support – Learn from other people with disabilities through their problem solving experiences and mutual support.
  3. Independent Living Skills Training – Learn skills that will increase your independence at home, in the community and in the workplace.
  4. Individual & Systems Advocacy  – Learn about your legal rights, civil rights, available benefits and community accessibility.
  5. Transition – Transition from nursing homes and other institutions, Transition of youth who are eligible for an IEP to post-secondary life.

Centers for Independent Living, or CILs, are non-residential places where people with all types of disabilities can go to get services, enabling them to live more independently in their community. Arkansas has four such places which cover the state with Independent Living services. Each of the Centers also participates in other community projects or grants.

The ARSILC maintains a resource library open to the public which includes information and technology pertinent to the life of an individual with a disability

The ARSILC staff maintains a good networking relationship with other agencies throughout the state and nationally to help to strengthen and build the IL philosophy across Arkansas.

Our Values

The Arkansas State Independent Living Council will regard the following values:

  • Promote independent living services to individuals with disabilities
  • Demonstrate ways to expand and improve independent living services
  • Support the Centers for Independent Living
  • Support activities to increase the capacities of public or non-profit agencies and other entities to develop comprehensive approaches of systems for providing independent living services
  • Conduct studies for developing model policies and procedures with recommendations and conclusions to federal, state, and local policy makers
  • Promote outreach to populations that are unattended or are underserved
  • The Council is authorized to hold such hearings and forums as the Council may determine to be necessary to carry out the duties of the Council
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